Monday, March 19, 2012

all the art i can handle!

winter art

As you can see, I'm starting to paper the walls in Lilah's playroom with her art work! Basically, this is just (a portion of) her art work from the past three months. Really, it's true! Every day she comes home with something new and I'm having a very hard time trying to figure out what to do with it all. I've been taking pictures of each piece as it arrives home and after a few months, when the attention has died down, it kindly gets disposed of! I am so not a pack rat! Although there are things, like her handprints and little love messages that I wouldn't even dream of throwing out!

We even have the class dragon from Chinese New Year gracing our hallway! I could have seen the teacher far enough when she suggested Lilah bring it home! I do love art, I do I do! ...for about a week anyway! Ha-ha!

I got a chuckle at the pictures she drew yesterday, showing directly below. The first one she said is Baba driving his Jeep! The photo below that, she said, is of me (moom!) driving my Volvo. Actually, she said there's no roof on it, because I had an accident. Eeks. Sure hope that doesn't actually happen in reality! At least I still have a happy face, maybe it isn't as bad as it looks! I am noticing her attention to detail is improving more and more.

Love her funny little drawings and art work.

winter art winter art winter art winter art winter art winter art winter art
This handprint with the tiny heart
Reminds you of my love for you
Whenever we're apart


  1. I know how you feel, Gracie has been bringing "art" home with her every Friday when she has her nursery day....I can't bear to throw anything away! She came home on Friday with my first every hand made Mother's Day Card, so so sweet!
    Ps I hope you remembered it was Mothers Day in the UK yesterday???!!! LOL!

  2. great idea about the art hanging in Miss L's playroom. I love all your gray walls. My colour of choice is so often gray now. All the painting we have done recently is gray.

    Have a good Monday my friend.


  3. Their artwork is so precious... but we can't keep it all. Sometimes I keep it, sometimes I scan it, sometimes it just disappears!

  4. Our family, particularly grandparents, LOVE to have these little works of arts adorning presents for birthdays and other holidays. It makes it fun to give and receive. :)

  5. Oh their artwork is so precious but you are right... you can't keep it all. Lily and Ty each have a big bulletin board to hang their current work.... then I bought these Keepsake Portfolios (personalized with their name) to keep favorites in